Operation Secret Storm (Cover)

The cover of Operation Secret Storm. Yes, that is who you think it is.

Operation Secret Storm (NES)==

Operation Secret Storm (Nes) - gimp enemies

The typical enemies the player will face while infiltrating enemy territory.


Operation Secret Storm is a badly made, ethically wrong, non-sensical mess of a game. That said, it's actually quite enjoyable once you get going and know what you're doing. The game sees you playing as an american hero, attacking questionable enemies in Iraq. The entire game makes little to no sense, and the enemies that you come across are more than a little random. Also, it should be noted that slowdown can occur when multiple enemies are on screen, and along with this some enemies sprites may dissapear for split seconds, adding to the confusion that is this game.


NOTE: the game has a continue function. Upon death, press A + Start to resume on the level that you last started.

The difficulty level in Operation Secret Storm varies level by level, and the difficulty curve is pretty non-existent. Be prepared for some levels early on which may feel impossible, while the middle of the game seems to be a lot more forgiving.

Difficulty is dramatically increased when multiple enemies are on screen, due to slowdown and enemy sprites glitching, becoming temporarily invincible. In these sections of the game it is advisible to take out a weaker enemy if possible simply to restore the framerate to a regular level.

Also, jump kicking is your friend.


Operation Secret Storm (Nes) - 20

As you'll progress you'll find the game makes less and less sense.

Besides the regular jumping and punching action:

Fire gun: attack button when you have ammo.

Throw grenade: select when you have a grenade in your inventory (damages all enemies on screen)

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