Welcome to the /v/ Gauntlet WikiEdit

Welcome to the /v/ gauntlet Gentlemen.

Start with NES

1. Open and input 1 - 654

2. Open and find your number

3. You have three days to complete the game without assistance

Once you complete that you progress onto Snes: input 1-580

then GB/GBC: input 1-636

then Genesis input 1-534

then Turbografx-16: input 1-150

Then onto Dos Input 1-3654

Then onto Neogeo input 1-147

Then onto Game boy Advance Input 1-925


More Rules:

1) Savestates are allowed ONLY for the purpose of taking screenshots and ONLY if your emulator/game in question does not have a pause function.

2) Rerolls are allowed under the following conditions:

  • The game you get requires some sort of hardware functionality that cannot be accurately emulated to complete (eg, Boktai)
  • The game would otherwise require cheats, hacks, or alteration of the software to complete due to a bug (eg, Cheetahmen II)

For games that have a high score Or no end, the rule is:

  • If no high score has been established, set a goal and beat it
  • if you're playing something another anon already has a high score on, beat their high score
  • If you are playing extended rpgs/pokemon/whatever You get a week [Depending on the game needs to be asked in thread]
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